The Benefits of Barefoot Walking

The Benefits of Barefoot Walking

The Benefits of Barefoot Walking

It is better for toddlers to start walking barefoot or with a shoe with a soft or thin sole that is flat and elastic. This is the natural way for feet development. The foot of the baby consists of cartilage which in time transforms to the bones. The moment the ankles and the feet are ready to take on the weight of the body, the toddler starts to walk. It is crucial for the proper development of the muscles and the tendons of the feet that all parts of the foot are involved in the process. In other words, they should not be restrained by isolating them with a hard sole, hard or strengthened heel or toe area.

When toddlers or kids walk barefoot or with a thin (up to around 6 mm) and elastic shoe, the feet can feel the terrain. This way, the foot of the toddler develops naturally, the nerve endings send proper signals to the brain and the brain can properly distribute the bodyweight with every step.

When shoes are not adapted for the development stage of the foot OR when they are heavy OR made from artificial materials with thick soles, they are dangerous to the proper development of the spine because the feet bear the entire body weight. Furthermore, this can lead to anomalies in the feet and other problems as the child grows up. The thicker the sole, the more muffled the signals sent from the nerves to the brain are.

Barefoot walking leads to better coordination (toddlers and kids do not look down at the ground because the feet can feel the ground) and proper development of the muscles and the tendons; it helps the formation of the arch and straightens the gait. The shoe is designed simply to protect the feet from the external environment and from injuries.

The shoe must not deform the foot by restraining it. It should not prevent it from feeling the ground. A pair of shoe must not cause injuries. That is why we believe that kids should always walk barefoot when possible or with shoes that strive to imitate barefoot walking.


!!! All our products: slippers, sandals, shoes and boots are designed and made to be as close to barefoot walking as possible. Our products lack hard and stiff elements; the sole (leather or rubber) is sufficiently thin, lightweight and elastic. The overall design of our products is flexible and lightweight, so as not to prevent the child's foot from feeling the terrain and not to restrict its free movement and proper and full development. 

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