Materials Matter

All the products that we offer products are hand-made of natural materials. Our suppliers use natural leather and woollen fabrics and all materials (rubber and glue inclusive) are produced in the European Union and meet the EU requirements and standards for safety goods and comply with all applicable REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances - the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use) requirements.


  • Natural Italian, Spanish and Dutch leather - chromium tanning (processing) used; NO formaldehyde, azo dyes, chromium VI, nickel and other metals and ingredients, which are forbidden from the European Union, because they are toxic in given quantities. All  materials meet and comply with all applicable REACH requirements.
  • Natural vegetable tanned  (processed) leather from Ecopell - plant-derived substances are used for material’s tanning. The fact that no chemicals are used in its processing makes it very appropriate for small kids and people with allergies. It is the best choice for everyone who aims at using the most natural, eco-friendly and allergy-free materials. The non-colored leather is in its natural colours - white, off-white and ecru. These tones are derived from the vegetable tanning agents used and their inherent colour. The processing of the vegetable tanned leather is very time-consuming. Vegetable tanning agents are still in the state of research and development. These tanning substances offer many advantages but for the time being their cost remains considerably high. This is why this leather is more expensive than the chemically tanned leather.



✔️Flat  ✔️Thin 
✔️No heel rise
✔️Perfect grip


The sole materials are meant to render a barefoot feeling - they are light, thin, soft and offer excellent flexibility and shock absorbency. 

Why? Feet need to feel the terrain, but without injuries. Our soles form a good cushion between foot and surface.

What is the role of the sole? It is to protect the feet without restricting free movement, surface stimuli and natural foot development.

Minimum toe spring - prevents from tumbling and with time the sole takes on the form of the individual toe spring.

Soles - Comparison Table

Hook & Loop Fastener

When it comes to shoes, good closure is extremely important, especially when tiny little fingers play with the straps most of the time. That is why, all products that we sell use hook and loop fasteners made by the Vecro® company (enjoy the movie).