Size Chart for LEO & TIGER models

How to determine the size?

  • Option 1: You have a printer. Print this document from the manufacturer and follow the instructions.
  • Option 2: You don't have a printer but you have a way to measure the length of your child's feet (such as a tape measure). Follow the instructions and the sizing table below.
  • Option 3: You have no printer and no way to measure accurately. Order a free tape measure from us here and we'll send it over the following day.

The inner dimensions of this model are described in the table below. The feet length should fall within the range in column "Recommended Feet Length". The maximum circumference around the widest part of the toes should be close to the numbers written for each size in column "Max Circumference (toes)". 

Size Chart

* Column "Shoe Width (toes)" is for your reference only. At this point in time we do not customize the sole width.  We can however customize the width of the top front leather part (+/-1cm), which is currently made by hand and there is an additional charge for making the shoes narrow or wide is £10. Get in touch with us and we will arrange it for you. Delivery time for such orders is usually 15-20 business days. 

* If you use insoles with this model, the inner dimensions will decrease by at least 0.2cm.