Fair Usage Policy



Most of the shoes that we buy for our young children quite often have a very limited lifetime. The main reason for that is not the quality of the shoes but the fact that our children are growing up very quickly. And then we end up with another pair of perfectly looking shoes that we need to get rid of.

That's why we decided to create a fair service which allows parents to get more value for money and to reduce inefficiencies and waste when it comes to children's shoes.


How does it work?

1) You buy a pair of shoes from us or you get a gift from someone.

2) You can then return it to us within 12 months of purchase. Just use the following return form (delivery costs are on us).

3) We will evaluate the condition of the returned shoes and we'll then give you a discount voucher of up to £10

Condition of Returned Pair  Discount Voucher
Like New £10
Light Usage £8
Used £5
Damaged £3


4) You can then use that discount voucher for a new pair of shoes sold by us and sourced by ethical and sustainable manufacturers.


What happens with returned shoes?

With the help of image recognition technology our experts will assess the quality of the shoes. We will take the following actions based on the outcome:

  • "Like New", "Light Usage" or "Used" pairs will be sold via second-hand markets such as ebay, facebook marketplace, etc for a fair price.
  • If we can't sell it for whatever reason we'll donate the shoe banks here in the UK.
  • "Damaged" shoes will be recycled.

This will reduce waste or will allow you to get rid of unused shoes in a meaningful way. 

This will also allow other children to wear premium quality shoes for a fraction of the cost.


When will I get the discount voucher?

Within 7 days of the shoes being returned to our warehouse. 

The discount voucher will be delivered to the email that you have registered with us.


How is the condition of returned shoes assessed?

We assess the condition of the returned shoes by the type of the damages which they have using the table below:

Type of Damage \ Condition

 Like New Light Usage Used Damaged
shoe structure
shoe shape
inside and outside leather
laces and strappings
wear and tear
scratches or marks

Colour code: ❌- intact; ✅- damaged

So for example if the returned pair of shoes have a damaged shoe structure or damaged soles the condition of these shoes will be rated as "Damaged" and you will get a £5 discount voucher.

Let's take another example if there are no damages on the pair but normal wear and tear, some scratches or marks on the leather and colouring has changed a bit we can then classify this pair as "Used" and you will get a £5 discount voucher.

What happens if I don't agree with the result of your assessment?

No problem at all. We'll return the pair of shoes back to you. You'll cover the shipping costs. In this case no discount vouchers will be allocated to your account for this particular pair of shoes. This policy will still cover other pairs of shoes which you might have purchased from us.


Read the full Terms & Conditions for this offer here.